Marketing to Millenials…forget the myth of impulsivenss!

Marketing to Millenials…forget the myth of impulsivenss!

Loved a recent article in AdAge discussing a study conducted by Pamela Marsh and Erin Bilezikjian-Johnson of OMD regarding the “millenial” demographic…or the “much hovered over” group.

Key thought is: this age group is spending but…they spend more of their time and effort looking for “deals” and that the best deal isn’t the least expensive.  It’s the idea, says Bilezikjian-Johnson, of locating and describing value.  Millenials like to communicate when and where they find value…that’s where Facebook, Twitter, smartphones and apps come to play in their influence and purchasing process.

Interactive touchscreen system: Communicating value

Are your marketing efforts taking advantage of this group’s interest in communicating and sharing information? We’d like to suggest making the process easier by providing information and facilitating sharing with an interactive touchscreen.  Communicated value encompasses location, style, neighborhood and amenities.

And..we’re not just talking about providing and facilitating at the Point of Sale.  A well-designed interactive system offers the ability to share beyond your location.  Let your prospects take your information and share it..via the touchscreen system.  They’ll Tweet your location and brand…and share the information and value they encountered.

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