Marketing Focus: The Live-Work Lifestyle

Marketing Focus: The Live-Work Lifestyle

Are you familiar with the phrase Live-Work Lifestyle?  According to a recent BuilderOnLine article, this term, particularly popular with Millennial workers, pairs telecommuting with opportunities for connection.

Many of us are familiar with telecommuting or working remote without a “typical” office to go to on a regular schedule.

SalesTouch provides focus on Flex Space options

But, BuilderOnLine suggests today’s remote worker also wants to incorporate the element of seeking out camaraderie.

Not every telecommuter can or wants to live in an urban area. Housing prices as well as the need for larger living spaces, good schools, recreation and the like mean many remote workers are moving out to the suburbs suggesting home builders find creative ways to satisfy the demand for a vibrant lifestyle outside the city. 

In other words, telecommuting and flexible work options (such as 4×10 work weeks) are changing what home shoppers want not only in a home but in the neighborhood, as well. 

Take a look at the top image: CPS’ SalesTouch in use at Cornerstone Communities new Agave neighborhood in North County San Diego displays structural features such as the optional Flex Space providing the home shopper with the home office so often needed for remote work.

SalesTouch highlights walkability

And, now take a look at the lower image: SalesTouch provides an interactive, pinch to zoom surrounding area map highlighting neighborhood locations meeting lifestyle objectives in the KBHome Reunion area. Those objectives can range from walkability as well as “work away from home” locations such as the library or Starbucks plus dining options and recreation hot spots such as parks, trails and dog walks!

Lifestyle marketing, in other words, is expanding as the interest in live/work options grows!

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