Marketing Doesn’t End with the Purchase!

Marketing Doesn’t End with the Purchase!

Super interesting Forbes article recently by Alan Murray: Four Forces Revolutionizing Marketing.

Murray summarizes discussions encountered at a recent Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference noting marketing executives face a world that is radically different from it was just a decade ago.

CPS WarrantyWatcher: Facilitating the process!

On one hand: don’t we all face a world radically different from 10 years ago?

On the other, Steve Lucas with Marketo offers today’s marketing dilemna: the number one challenge facing marketing today is complexity. There are pop-up events, campaigns designed to last a week, increased content access via mobile phones & tablets and, as JB Osborne, Red Antler CEO notes, trends are condensed over a period of a couple of weeks or a month.

What really stands out in Murray’s article however, was the consensus that marketing doesn’t end with a purchase. In today’s social media-driven world, the marketing process doesn’t stop with today’s encounter or the purchase — there’s a need to generate ongoing enthusiasm for the brand, project or community.

Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about regarding functionality provided by CPS’ CRM and WarrantyWatcher software? Today’s homebuyer becomes tomorrow’s homeowner — and their brand influence can be considerable given social media reach from the moment they walk into the sales office. Providing a Portal to get in touch, keep in touch and communicate quickly can be as important to homeowner perceptions as resolving an issue.

After all, it has been reported that the staying in touch and keeping buyers/owners informed drives referrals (and isn’t that a marketing objective?) far more than any other source!

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