Marketing and Packaging “Green”

Marketing and Packaging “Green”

Jobie Summer, with, presented her unique approach to “green” marketing based upon how consumers value and purchase “green” in a recent BuilderRadio discussion.

Whole Foods Market Customer Comment Board – multiple shades of green!

It’s an eye-opener for businesses selling anything from consumer products to cards to new homes and everything in between.  Summer’s approach suggests every seller re-examine their green “value-proposition” in terms of where their potential buyers sit on the “green” scale.  One “green” buyer, for example, will appreciate your LEED certification; another is far more interested in purchasing items impacting their lifestyle.  In other words, buyers motivated by “green” aren’t motivated in the same manner and won’t make similar purchase decisions.

Jobie suggests buyers fall into 1 of 4 “shades” of green:

(1) LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) – these buyers make decisions based on values, are the least price-sensitive and drive trends, encouraging others to try “green”;
(2) Naturalities – buyers motivated by personal health and wellness objectives; they will pay for certain types of “green” products directly impacting their lifestyle ;
(3) Drifters – trends are important to these buyers yet they’re not driven by community values; more price-sensitive; green needs to have personal connection;
(4) Conventionals – these buyers focus on the practical; want to see a community perspective as they focus on recycling, energy savings and the like.

What’s “green” have to do with interactive touchscreens?  Using a touchscreen allows you to enhance your green footprint — and respond to multiple “shades” of green.  Highlight your “conventional” green credentials by eliminating pre-printed brochures with the print on-demand functionality; direct attention to specific green components (e.g., carpet, paint, etc); highlight your green credentials through commentary, signage and video such as “behind the walls”.

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