Making Your Sales/Leasing Office “Sticky”…and that’s a good thing!

Making Your Sales/Leasing Office “Sticky”…and that’s a good thing!

Sticky?  As in gummy? Or, if you’re  familiar with 3M’s Post-It Note (frequently called a “sticky”), you might be wondering, “How does a sticky have anything to do with my sales office?”

Recently, the concept of Sticky Marketing has been gaining traction: describing how organizations need to move away from traditional marketing processes such as shouting messages at people (aka “broadcasting”) to a new process of customer engagement, where they attract customers by providing value and becoming sticky.

In earlier Solutions for Connectivity blogs, we talked about interactive touchscreens as a way to provide an organization’s value through a simple, core message made accessible through touchscreen use.  Bob Musa uses the term, “narrowcasting” to contrast this specific marketing approach to general broadcasting.

Sticky Marketing: stop shouting!

 Interactive touchscreens create stickiness as they provide value in today’s cluttered marketplace by offering a point of sale, customer engagement point.  Today’s consumer is looking for clear information to help make a decision.  Touchscreens help you stop shouting and start a conversation.

Thinking about stickiness has to bring up CRM and your follow-up activities, as well.  Are they designed to add value or are they simply broadcasting? Remember an earlier blog about the agent using a cell phone to capture video as a prospect-specific followup?  That little cell phone video adds value and definitely starts a conversation!

Interested in finding more about stickiness? Take a look at Sticky Marketing (Grant Leboff) or Made to Stick (Chip and Dan Heath).

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