Making the Transition from Mobile-friendly to Mobile-first

Making the Transition from Mobile-friendly to Mobile-first

Kim Garst, writing in The Huffington Post, notes that it is hard to argue that social media has changed the face of digital marketing — or marketing overall, for that matter.  She suggests that companies are finally accepting the fact that they MUST have a digital strategy to succeed.

One component of this marketing shift is the importance of mobile.  Garst suggests that the importance of mobile has transitioned from a “mobile friendly” website to utilizing mobile in every aspect of marketing including blogs, emails and social media posts.

Mobile website is the first step!

What can that mean for a new home sales person?  You’ll want to consider how to catch the attention of an audience that is “on the go” either literally or in their use of mobile devices.

Jeff Shore, an expert new home sales/marketing, suggests agents use short, cell phone videos as a follow-up to prospect visits. Why not pre-record a quick introductory video for each of your models? Then, couple a short text message highlighting key points from the prospect visit with your cell phone video.

Text message?  As a way to followup with prospects?  Mobile means text for many — and studies suggest the more quickly you’re able to reach out to a prospect, the better  chance you have for meaningful contact.

The immediate text message with video gives you the third critical mobile component: personalization. 

There — you’ve made the transition to mobile-first — and, satisfied today’s home shopper’s need for information, delivered quickly and efficiently!

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