Leverage Your Construction Scheduling Software to Manage Callbacks

Leverage Your Construction Scheduling Software to Manage Callbacks

No builder purposefully sets out to have call backs, punch items or warranty claims.  There are the added costs, time and dislocation associated with getting the job done right — and issues can too easily be splashed across social media.

Build-in quality with scheduling tools!

Builder recently noted, With homeowner scrutiny on the rise, it’s a good idea to take a second look at what can go wrong on a job. It’s a chance to up your game.

Isn’t it better to try to manage the issues before they’re able to reach the status of a call back, punch item or warranty claim?

One quality management tool falls within the scope of today’s automated construction scheduling software: associating Quality Inspection Checklists with key tasks.

How would that work? Select a key schedule task such as framing complete and develop a series of check points to measure satisfaction that the task is not only complete but meets the desired level of quality.

The task can’t be considered complete for scheduling purposes, with an open Quality Inspection, and the vendor can’t be paid, either. Both your field manager and vendor are on notice that items need to be addressed — and they can be reminded on an ongoing basis, as well.

This type of process could be considered building-in quality.  Everyone involved in the job knows that there will be mini walkthru’s throughout the job.  Issues can be caught at the key task inspections making resolution more timely as the vendor is available and hasn’t yet been paid.  Not only are the issues better able to be resolved but the builder’s reputation is enhanced as the buyer walk becomes focused on how the home operates vs. quality punch items.

CPS’ FieldCollaborate offers Quality Inspection Checklists along with Punch Item Management as part of the construction scheduling software package.  And, there are Vendor and Buyer Portals, too! All focused on helping you build quality homes, on time!

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