Let’s Put Some Spring into Your Sales/Leasing Office!

Let’s Put Some Spring into Your Sales/Leasing Office!

Spring Mean Sales!

Spring might finally be here and with it: Spring Selling Season!  No matter what you’re selling, says Amy O’Connor of Shore Consulting, Inc., people like buying in the spring. Buyers are ready to shake off the last days of winter and ready for something new!

From a visual vocabulary to virtual curb appeal!

Where to start? Amy is clear: the key to spring selling success is starting strong!

CPS adds: Work to Create a Great Buying Experience!

You want to be your customer’s #1 choice; what can you do to make that happen? First, embrace the idea that home shoppers visit your office because they’re interested in buying one of your homes.. in many cases, today!

Next, we’ll suggest that it makes sense to start looking at your sales office as a customer does. What will help you stand apart so the home shopper rates your community #1?

Consider: Virtual Curb Appeal

What are you doing to create a great buying experience? From the minute a prospect drives (or walks) up to your office, they’re using all of their senses to evaluate the experience…from smell to sight to touch!

 SalesTouch uses visuals to appeal to home shopper emotions!

Mollie Elkman, a Philadelphia-based marketing expert, reminds us that pictures offer “virtual curb appeal.”  Why not build on standard imagery and Go Interactive to make your office stand apart and grab home shoppers’ attention? An interactive touch presentation actively engages prospects from the minute they step into your sales office and can continue the conversation with interactive floor plans, the ability to select and place furniture inside your homes and e-brochures.

CPS offers SalesTouch, the interactive touchscreen system for both large and small (think tablets) screens. We’re here to help you kick off (and up!!) your Spring selling season.

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