Jack Fugiel: Thanks for a great partnership!

Jack Fugiel: Thanks for a great partnership!

Just posted a Twitter shout out to Jack Fugiel at Winchester Homes; he’s retiring Friday after a great career at Weyerhaeuser.  Most recently, he’s been Director of Process Improvement and involved with CPS’ suite of sales, CRM, warranty, construction scheduling and interactive touchscreen products.

Jack Fugiel, Winchester Homes

He’s been with Weyerhaeuser since 1967…and no, that’s not a typo! 

His 44-year career means he was involved in accounting when it was a lot of manual entry using pencils and calculators.  In IT when punch cards were King!  Transitioned through floppy disks, mainframes, remote data entry, dial-up modems, SuperCalc, facsimile machines, DOS, Windows 3.0 (95, 98, ME …) and much more!

Jack personified the term “business partnership” in his involvement with CPS.  He brought idea after idea to our software development process, tested some, threw out others and brought more.  We like to think we helped each other — our products, our processes, our end results — become better.

Congratulations, Jack, on your retirement; and Thank You for your willingness to partner with us!  We’ll miss you!

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