Is Your Message as Compelling as Your Business Needs?

Is Your Message as Compelling as Your Business Needs?

Great article by Robert Clay, Marketing Wizdom Tips No. 1 and 2. He suggests every successful business requires a strong, sustainable foundation. 

How unique is this? Your customer is defining their need!

A solid foundation needs to be able, Clay suggests, to express its business purpose in a fashion that is understood and shared by everyone in the business.  Otherwise, prospects and customers can’t fully understand, appreciate or get excited about your product.

Clay goes on to suggest that the more compellingly the message is weaved…the greater the competive advantage and the better you’ll be in the marketplace.

So…how do you weave the message? Step 1: Determine your customer’s needs; and Step 2: Develop your unique selling proposition.

A well-designed interactive touchscreen goes a long way to helping with both Step 1 and Step 2! 

While it is possible to say: customers enjoy interacting with a touchscreen…what’s really going on is the customer is defining their needs relative to what is being touched (which is your product).  They’re  forming opinions: “This location is really great: the elementary school is only 2 blocks away” as well as making decisions: “I like Plan 2 better than Plan 1 because it has a separate laundry room.” 

Boom: your agents have their prospect’s needs being defined.  And, during this process, the prospect has been touching your unique selling proposition: whether it be location, features, floorplan or warranty.  And, they realize you are making an effort to make this process more helpful, a bit different and definitely unique!

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