Is anyone reading those flyers?

Is anyone reading those flyers?

Very interesting article by Jen Kline in a recent DigitalSignageToday (you can read Nobody’s reading those flyers here) suggesting it how difficult it is to grab a passing “eye” in today’s fast-paced retail and commercial environments with traditional comment/contact boards.

Whole Foods goes beyond flyers to digital Comment Board

In other words, if you’re relying on posted flyers in your store or business hallway, you’re probably missing almost everyone that could (or should) be interested.  The same, it is argued, applies to occasional emails (the once-a-month sale or every other month employee highlight newsletter).

A digital platform, Kline suggests, allows for constant — and consistent– distribution of useful information to your shoppers ad employees.  And, of course, once the platform is established, updates should be straightforward.

Kline argues that a digital process is more exciting and advanced than traditional flyers and emails.  It demands (or at least encourages) attention — meaning your message has a better chance of being received. And, you’re able to add contemporary and eye-catching content, too.

A well-designed board not only displays information, it communicates your business objectives, enhances branding and encourages customer engagement.

Take a look at the latest Whole Foods Market Customer Comment Board; compare it to ones you’ve seen covered with flyers, cards, post-its and ask yourself: which would help communicate your message, your brand, your objectives better?

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