Interactive Touchscreens: Branding Dives Deeper than Marketing

Interactive Touchscreens: Branding Dives Deeper than Marketing

Previously, we’ve talked about how using an interactive touchscreen system at a sales or leasing office or a welcome center provides builders and developers with a unique branding opportunity

Branding:  providing benefits to customers

Branding is at the core of a business’ marketing strategy.  More than logos, colors, web designs, sales office styling… branding reflects your business purpose, values and culture.

How do those big picture concepts get translated to an interactive touchscreen? We’ve always said SalesTouch is more than a pretty face — although the introductory screen presented here is certainly attractive! 

Is your market first-time buyers? Your home shoppers might not be familiar with your community or the surrounding neighborhood or the financing process .  They’re just getting started in the purchase decision process: let them engage and explore using the touchscreen.  Storytelling is key for this demographic!

Now to the opposite buyer profile: 55+ buyers: they’re just as concerned about the surrounding neighborhood; however, their specific interests probably differ than the first-time buyer. Schools give way to golf courses, local attractions to golf courses.  Financing might not be as much of an issue as available structural options: is it possible to convert bedroom #3 to a flex room? What makes your amenity package attractive?  Details are critical to this demographic.

A well-designed touchscreen system helps you respond to your homeshopper’s objectives; it benefits your customers — and isn’t that your brand’s objective?

Want to continue thinking about branding and the relationship to marketing strategy? There’s a very interesting branding discussion in a recent Kissmetrics blog located here.

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