Interactive Touchscreens: All About Consumer Engagement

Interactive Touchscreens: All About Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is a very broad topic but… it’s considered the lifeblood of an organization’s marketing strategy.

SalesTouch: Making the Shift to Decision Simplicity!

How would you define it?  We suggest it is the interaction between a brand and its customers.  

When consumers make purchase decisions — especially large dollar purchases like a new home — they are doing more than buying a product; they are making a statement as to how the product resonates with their identity and lifestyle. 

How does your marketing collateral engage home shoppers and move beyond just product?

Harvard Business Review article, To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple, suggests using a “decision simplicity index” to ask how easy is it for consumers to gather and understand information. The easier a brand makes the purchase decision journey, the higher the decision-simplicity score.  

Shifting the orientation toward decision simplicity, it is argued, is a significant change requiring marketing teams to rethink how and what to communicate.  Too much (information, product samples, views, floor plans….you name it!) can produce an excess of input leading to indecision.  Too much choice, in other words, often paralyzes decision-making.

Take a look at the Tehaleh SalesTouch interactive presentation image, above.  Can you see how it would resonate with identity and lifestyle — as it defines what you will see as you engage: active lifestyle, family, outdoors, shopping/dining and homes.  Aren’t you encouraged to jump in and explore?  Hasn’t this SalesTouch interactive system simplified and personalized the journey toward purchasing at Tehaleh?

Take advantage of CPS’ experience in developing engaging interactive presentations focused on presenting information simply, yet powerfully.  We can help your home shoppers get more engaged!

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