Interactive Website Floor Plans

Homebuilders: Add Interactive Floor Plans to Your Website 

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Online Plans Offer Personalization

PlanViewer’s web floorplans add personalization features to the builder’s website so home shoppers can create their “dream home” with mix/match option selections.

Boost Engagement

Builders offering online floorplans find  that homeshoppers spend more time on the website as they engage with the brand and enjoy the interactive floorplans.

Web Floorplans Help Increase Sales

Home shoppers that have already created their dream home plan online using web floorplans arrive at your sales office as more qualified buyers!

Interactive Floorplans Engage and Inform Buyers Online!

Consumers are used to shopping online — new home sales is no different.

In fact, many home shoppers today start their search online. PlanViewer engages home shoppers with interactive floor plans (IFPs) directly on homebuilder website, building confidence in the brand and driving more qualified sales office traffic.

Drive Engagement for web visitors

Web interactive floorplans encourage homeshoppers to mix/match options, creating “their new home” with a hands-on experience that motivates purchase decisions.

Add Exterior Elevation Views

Elevation views are part of PlanViewer — further help home shoppers visualize the home and stimulate greater interest. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Let Your Buyers Drag ‘n Drop Virtual Furniture

PlanViewer’s web interactive floorplan “drag ‘n drop” furniture feature encourages home shoppers to imagine how they’ll live in their new space — providing an additional brand interaction touchpoint

CPS SalesTouch kiosk
CPS SalesTouch multifamily kiosk

PlanViewer: Designed for Engagement and Flexibility

Email & Prospect Registration

Floor plans can be emailed, including structural options, so home shoppers can share with friends & family and you can collect registration details.


Do you offer the same home plans at multiple communities? Add the IFPs to a “Most Popular” section on your website & improve your cross-selling efforts!

Templated Design

A templated design provides a consistent experience for home shoppers as they browse plans on your website.

It’s Flexible

Show all or featured plans, include your most popular or common structural options, or show one elevation view or all of them. How much you include is up to you!

PlanViewer Makes Website Integration Straightforward

Simple Integration

A single URL per floor plan makes it easy for your Web Team to integrate PlanViewer onto your company or community website using iFrames

Device Friendly; Available 24/7

PlanViewer’s responsive IFPs are easily viewable 24/7 on your website from any desktop or mobile device, and are scalable so home shoppers can zoom in for a closer look

Excellent Add-on to Enhance Engagement

PlanViewer is an excellent add-on product to a SalesTouch interactive kiosk in a sales office or you can add SiteViewer web-based community maps! *Discounts available when plans also included with SalesTouch


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