Instead of Broadcasting, Create Opportunities for Conversation!

Instead of Broadcasting, Create Opportunities for Conversation!

The expression content is king has become something of a cliche but, Sophie Turton says, it’s true as a blue sky is blue!

Sophie writes for and suggests today’s marketing community needs to be focused on creating opportunities for content creationInstagrammable moments, inspiring experiences.

Let’s Get the Conversation Started!

Instead of broadcasting, she suggests, marketing’s focus needs to shift to create opportunities for conversation. That’s what is known as consumer-created content and it is the marketing hit for 2016, according to Forbes!

Imagine: live communities of digitally-savvy participants, engaging with your brand!

Don’t those thoughts dovetail suprisingly well with Toni Alexander’s recent article, A Wake Up Call for the Building Industry and the American Dream,  in LinkedIn?  Toni visited the recent National Association of HomeBuilders Show and asks if the industry has focused enough on millennials.

Toni asks two really interesting questions:

  • Has the housing industry focused on millennials to examine both their motivators and what they want in terms of community, housing options and environment?
  • Doesn’t it make sense to embrace an education program targeted to this market to illustrate the benefits of home ownership from both a tax benefit and appreciation perspective?

Take a look at CPS’ Social Media Wall and ask: wouldn’t curated Social Media conversations open up marketing processes in my sales offices?  And, we were selected as a Innovative Building Product finalist at NAHB!

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