Individuals as the Future of Brands

Individuals as the Future of Brands

Traditionally, notes Hearsay Social’s CEO Clara Shih, corporate marketing teams controlled the brand voice.  Now, Shih suggests, individual voices of employees, customers and the greater public are being empowered and transforming marketing processes. You can read more on Hearsay Social’s blog.

It can be argued that the corporate marketing process is being transformed to what can be called curatorial or a facilitative role.  The “silo” approach with centralized control is changing to more of a consumer-directed dialogue.

Customer Comment Board: Empowering the consumer voice

Social networking has been driving much of this change; however, there are other ways to solicit and encourage your customer’s voice. 

Take a look at the Whole Foods Customer Comment Board  featuring an interactive touchscreen.  Stores are practicing proactive customer service — actively asking for input, soliciting advice, encouraging shoppers to highlight particular team members because of their engagement.  Team members respond to every one of the consumer comments, suggestions, requests and Cool Beans recognizing employees. 

It’s no longer about putting out fires — this is about focusing on the opportunity to do better business and stay relevant to consumers.

Are you reaching out to your customers to understand their needs and provide personalized service? What processes do you have in place to actively encourage consumer dialogue and integrate their voice into your brand?

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