IBS2016 Forum Preview: Are the Best Builders the Best Schedulers?

IBS2016 Forum Preview: Are the Best Builders the Best Schedulers?

CPS’ Troy Warr and Noelle Tarabulski, Builder Consulting Group’s President, will be presenting an IBS 2016 Education Forum, Are the Best Builders the Best Schedulers?

Join us at 2pm, Tuesday, January 19th in Central Hall Booth 9327! 

The presentation will take about 40 minutes — and there will be a brief Q&A period afterwards, as well.  CE credits are available!

One of the key ideas to be presented is that home builder scheduling is an ever-evolving — and collaborative — process.  The end result, on any given day, is a published schedule that is the most authentic source of information.

Good Scheduling Provides a Single Source of Good Data!

Many individuals and organizations (just to name a few: vendors, field managers, management, accounting, options coordinators and, of course, buyers!!) need to know when a construction task is scheduled — as well as when it is completed.  And,  they all need to know if it is rescheduled.

One objective of a good scheduling process is to provide a single source of information — available to all stakeholders, anytime/anywhere.  There shouldn’t be multiple schedules or a need to call/fax/text someone to find out if XYZ Plumbing is supposed to be on Lot 35 tomorrow.  Everyone should be able to pull that information — on their own — and there can only be a single source for that information.

Want to learn how to get to a single, reliable source of scheduling information — and how to optimize your homebuilding organization as a result?  Join us on Tuesday!

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