How to: Tell Your Amenities and Lifestyle Story Effectively

How to: Tell Your Amenities and Lifestyle Story Effectively

Bill Greene, with Atlanta-based multifamily developer Wood Partners, notes in a recent Multifamily Executive article, “The bar’s being raised higher and higher on these communal amenities.” He continues, “Millennials expect them. Besides wanting to live close to work, they expect every amenity you could probably find in a single-family suburban market, but all in one area.”

Using interactive technology to tell your story!

And, actually, the same might be said for Boomers and their interest in a more urban environment. They want amenities associated with their previous suburban life such as pools, fitness spaces and large-scale theater rooms along with the lifestyle associated with a metro environment.

Location, of course, is still critical, as Jerry Davis with UDR notes, “The biggest community amenity is always the neighborhood.

One (perhaps) unexpected amenity of the moment is meeting/conference rooms.  With more and more people working from home, there’s an interest in relaxing socially on-property as well as the ability to engage in community-centric activities such as wine tastings, dinners and game-nights.  Davis comments, “When it comes time for their lease to expire, if your residents have more friends that live at the community, they’re more likely to renew.”

The property not only needs the amenities but the ability to effectively tell their story.  Our suggestions include adding an interactive touch-screen based presentation to the leasing office with a clear focus on neighborhood and lifestyle. CPS’ SalesTouch visually tells your story — location, neighborhood and amenites.  Add CPS’ Social Media Wall to engage prospects and residents in a property conversation — and leveraging your social media, as well.  Ask us; we’ll help you tell the story in the context of your community and amenity set!

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