How to: Stay Competitive with Today’s Empowered Consumers

How to: Stay Competitive with Today’s Empowered Consumers

CPS Social Media Wall

You’ve probably seen and read articles about today’s key words: market disruption. 

Technology is Driving Market Disruption

Social Media Wall: A Tool for Collaborative Consumption

We’re going to address the type of market disruption being driven today by technology. 

All of us have experienced the shift in the balance of power between businesses and customers — and much of that is a result of new and growing use of technology.

If you think about today’s consumers, they’re empowered — by access to information and data.

Information is Available 24/7, Anywhere/Anytime

Today’s shopper can locate the latest sales, pricing and availability — without ever walking into a retail store, sales/leasing office or car lot. Some of that information has been offered by traditional media – radio, newspapers, magazines. Of course, access was constrained by publishing schedules, once/day delivery and the like.

Now, all of that information is available 24/7, anywhere/anytime — and consumers also have the ability to test and compare information, too.  And, it’s not just from the distribution side — there are a wide variety of sites available to review, compare and test products and services.

Take a Look at Collaborative Consumption!

Also new is what’s been called collaborative consumption. Today’s shoppers bring friends — just as they always have. But, they’re “cloud” friends! These advisers are available through social media — providing feedback, offering reviews, providing info as to sales and trends.

Take a look at CPS’ Social Media Wall. It offers social content as well as traditional marketing images and copy. What’s unique? It’s curated so the business has the ability to determine how much and which social content to display. Your sales office now has the ability to collaborate with home shoppers, buyers and homeowners — you’ve extended your data reach!

Social Media Walls are an Incredible Value-Add

Walls, says Debbie Wilson-Dewitt in a recent DigitalSignageToday article, are an incredible value-add. Walls can greet as well as provide information, answer questions and reinforce branding. CPS can help you design a Wall to meet your empowered audience!

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