How to: Offer a Great Home Shopper Experience!

How to: Offer a Great Home Shopper Experience!

It’s Competitive Out There!

Website visits are up, sales office traffic is increasing, 2018 sales are good.

SalesTouch: Differentiating Your Brand with Information

While these stats suggest a positive market, the marked increase in customer touch points and a growing need to standout in a crowded marketplace creates a highly competitive environment.

It’s a Consumer-Driven Environment

There’s an increasing emphasis on providing a consumer “experience” — which Retail Customer Experience tells us is set to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator by 2020.
But.. what adds up to make a great customer experience?

There’s Information and then.. there’s a Relationship

There’s absolutely no doubt that home shoppers want to be able to (1) go and look at a product; (2) evaluate quality and (3) understand the product before buying.
Sales agents are an important part of the home shopper customer experience: they offer the direct, personal relationship surrounding the purchase. Importantly, a good agent, suggests Amy O’Connor, a sales trainer in Jeff Shore’s organization, helps the home shopper achieve clarity and certainty regarding the purchase.  Your agent is going to want to determine the home shoppers needs and demonstrate how your product meets those needs.

Personalize the Experience

Today’s home shopper — Millennial or Boomer — wants to examine alternatives, analyze the lifestyle and dream.  Listening is important — as is providing tools to understanding the product
Take a look at CPS’ interactive touchscreen system, SalesTouch: it offers a unique journey through the customer experience. 
What’s your home shopper’s particular need? Lower level master? Place for the baby grand? Close-by recreation? Home shoppers using SalesTouch take advantage of a unique process called narrowcasting: every home shopper can locate and examine the information that will help them make a decision.  In the order they want, at the time they want and in the desired detail. Throwing out a wide net, hoping it meets everyone’s needs is no longer.
With so many consumers seeking the ability to gain clarity and information before they purchase, the race is on to offer personalized experiences.  SalesTouch provides that differentiating experience that makes your brand stand out!

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