How to: Make Your Digital Signage Resonate

How to: Make Your Digital Signage Resonate

Today’s customers — especially those shopping for big ticket items such as homes and autos — expect an experience that’s on-demand and engaging. What can your digital signage project do to meet customer expectations and maximize impact?

Make Your Digital Signage Relevant to the Sale

Do you know your customers? Are you speaking their language? Boomers and Millennials, for example, are  different and unique in both their shopping and buying habits.  What is exciting and a reason to purchase for one may not be for the other. Boomers frequently want to comparison shop and examine purchase alternatives in detail.  Millennials work at warp speed, expect answers quickly and typically examined the alternatives before showing up in your office. 
Such differences don’t mean your digital signage should be focused on a single group but… be aware of your audience when designing and be consistent in your approach.
Does Your Digital Signage Jump Above the Noise?

Get Above the Noise

On one hand, we don’t really mean noise but… on the other, we do. Every location has noise — people’s voices, phones, construction activity and the like. Try to design your sales area so physical noise doesn’t interrupt.
What we’re really talking about, however, is visual distraction. Is your signage viewable as soon as a shopper enters? Is it visually engaging? Will it stop a visitor in their tracks? Are similar visuals distracting from the shopper’s ability to focus on the digital presentation? 
Take a look at the Minto Harbour Isle interactive touchscreen image: doesn’t it grab your attention and make you want to jump in and find out more? 

Make Sure Self-Serve is Enabled

It’s frequently said today’s buyer is in a rush and easily distracted. That may seem to be the case but keep in mind that today’s expectations are shaped by other transactions. They’re used to, for example, self-service via phone and website. 
Interactive Encourages Consumers to Get Engaged 
Shoppers want to jump into content and find answers. That doesn’t mean sales agents are irrelevant; it does mean that shoppers will search for relevant information and then turn to salespeople for confirmation and the sale. 
Interactive digital content provides the on-demand, engaging customer experience that resonates with today’s consumer. Interactive actively encourages shoppers to engage and locate their unique decision factors, on-demand. How would my home look with the optional study, where is the closest high school, are there yoga studios close by? 
Interested in exploring how CPS can help you create digital signage that resonates with your home shoppers, offering interactive content designed specifically to your target audience? Contact us here!

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