How to: Leverage CRM to Improve Your Buyer’s Experience

How to: Leverage CRM to Improve Your Buyer’s Experience

Bob Mirman, in a recent Builder article, noted “customers become anxious when uncertainty flourishes.”

Minimize selection anxiety: help your buyers imagine their new kitchen!

A recent Texas A&M study identified a group of “high-emotion events” which included illness, death, marriage, birth — and home buying/selling!

What can you, as an organization, do to help your buyers through this high-emotion event?  Mirman offers 3 suggestions (and they’re summarized in italics) — and we suggest how to leverage the power of your CRM system to provide easy-to-implement solutions.

Recognize that all buyers will be anxious about their purchase —  Some may be more anxious; for others, this might not be their first rodeo! Why not use your CRM system to not only send a Thank You for Buying email but include a process review highlighting key points and dates? Send it that night! Make sure they have it the very next day — and keep the unknown at bay.  CPS CRM will help you set-up automated, and customized, emails just like this one!

Identify the touch points that are the most common emotional triggers — Mirman notes that triggers are those items in the purchase process that have the highest level of uncertainty and anxiety.  You know the major ones: loan docs, loan approvals, design center selections to name a few.  Here’s where CRM can help, too!

Put together a visually appealing package of information surrounding the trigger touch points.  Let your buyers know what they’ll be selecting at the Design Center ahead of time and send a reminder 3 days before.  They’ll be informed and more knowledgeable about the process. You can supplement this information with an interactive touchscreen system highlighting Design Center options, as well. Ask us about SalesTouch option packages!

Introduce your buyers to key staff members involved in their transaction.  Mirman suggests biographical flyers.  Use your CRM system to send these out on a pre-set schedule — associated with the touchpoint.

CPS has been providing CRM software to homebuilders since 1985; contact us and see how you can put CPS CRM to use relieving your buyer’s anxiety!

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