How to: Kick-up Your Holiday New Homes Selling Season!

How to: Kick-up Your Holiday New Homes Selling Season!

The Thanksgiving-to-New Year holiday season is here — and home builders may see a slow down in sales office traffic and sales activity during this period due to the holidays, weather, competing activities and the like.

Weather doesn’t need to be an objection!

But…it doesn’t have to be so!

While some home shoppers might drop out during the holidays, BuilderOnLine suggests that many shoppers find the season a good time to kick up their buying process.

Why? Take a look at the reasons and see how you can turn potential negatives into traffic and sales:

  • Yes; it’s the holidays! It might seem counter-intuitive but…time away from work can mean time home shopping.  Take advantage of people visiting during the week and build on the season: add cookies, hot chocolate or even a special holiday options/upgrades program to encourage visits.
  • Frightful outside? Yes, it’s true: the weather in Minnesota can be chilly during December but…it really isn’t that bad in many other states (and, might even be better than mid-summer in some locations!). Turn to the holidays and your locale for inspiration.  Hot apple cider makes any house seem like home! 
  • Are decorations necessary? You really don’t have to take on a specific holiday or tradition; add some family-style photos (or adventure vacation shots depending on your demographic!) and festive bowls of lemons, limes and oranges for fragrance and atmosphere.  A fresh, new look and feel is contagious!
  • Doesn’t 2018 means change? While some might be concerned about changes in 2018, others are energized.  Be prepared to talk about mortgage details, up ticks in home sales volume and any/every thing that’s happening in your new community.  You can be the catalyst for thinking 2018 means exciting new adventures!
Now is the time to put your CRM system to the test, as well!  Send out a holiday appetizer invite to your co-op agents, zero in on those prospects interested in schools (those aren’t changing!), deck your halls and encourage last summer’s prospects to drop in on a (otherwise slow) Sunday for cookies and hot chocolate.
Need help finding a CRM system that can assist you in these efforts?  We’re happy to show you how CPS CRM will make your holidays bright!

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