How to: Getting Creative & Adding Social Media to Your Sales/Leasing Centers

How to: Getting Creative & Adding Social Media to Your Sales/Leasing Centers

Thought-provoking recent Myers Barnes Builder article, Nine Millennial Traits that Impact Home Sales — and a definite must read for builders/developers throughout the US.

The good news: Millennials are now in prime time for home buying.  They’re the right age and only a small percentage of Millennials are homeowners currently — and many are financially capable!

Builder suggests it isn’t tougher to sell new homes to’s just different.  And, it’s a growing market with tremendous potential; so, put on your seat belts and get ready!

Today’s blog is focused on Trait 5: If you can’t use social media right, don’t use it at all.

Because we think we can help you get social media right with Social Media Wall!

Builder nails how to take advantage of social media with this comment: Be in the conversation!

The Wall takes traditional marketing copy and images and integrates social media into a continuously evolving, ever-changing conversation.  Your content is added to that of home shoppers, home buyers, home owners, vendors.  It can be general: hashtag your community or specific: try an upcoming neighborhood event hashtag.

Curated, of course! You review submitted Tweets and Instagram posts prior to having them display on the Wall.  That lets you keep the conversation focused and suitable!

The Millennial market is here — get the conversation started with a new set of marketing tools, now, with CPS’ Social Media Wall in your sales and leasing offices!

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