How to: Build a Construction Team Pipeline

How to: Build a Construction Team Pipeline

You’ve probably read the news: the construction industry is facing a severe labor shortage.  And, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us construction workers tend to be older: the median age is now almost 43 years old!

Bringing technology to work on the jobsite!

There are some solid reasons behind these statistics: almost a decade of very slow growth within the industry.

A perhaps larger business issue needs to be addressed, however: how to energize a new generation of workers to consider not only a construction trade — but the construction business — as a career path.

And, today’s construction team member — as well as the construction environment — isn’t your father’s!

Many of today’s senior construction executives started out “swinging a hammer” — and Millenials and Gen X’ers haven’t learned or aren’t interested in skilled labor jobs.

At the same time, many schools have pushed skilled trade courses off their schedules — not enough people are interested and these classes can cost more to produce.

Consider ideas suggested in Dian Zhang’s Builder article, Bringing Young Blood to the Construction Labor Force and a few of suggestions, as well:

  • Rebuild the image of construction work — spread the word that there is a vibrant, well-paying industry looking for all levels of employees.  There are production workers, yes; but also an entire team of workers supporting the home building industry.  It’s not just the trades, in other words.  Let your world know there are opportunities at all levels — and much of the home building world is entrepreneurial in nature. Get involved in trade associations — as well as business groups.
  • Bring back mentorships and apprenticeships — those are definitely good ideas.  Build a system within your organization to support your team members in these efforts.  Reward their success bringing in a new team member or mentoring someone just as you would home completions! 
  • Sponsor activities at your local schools and colleges — show students you are actively using technology in the business, for example. Bring iPads, iPhones, Android devices to schools — and show them how you schedule, track construction progress, read floor plans — using today’s technology
Here at CPS we’ve been thrilled when asked to provide our FieldCollaborate software to construction management programs at schools and colleges.  Let us know if we can help you build the pipeline of interested and educated construction professionals!

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