How To: Adding Color To Your Marketing Strategy

How To: Adding Color To Your Marketing Strategy

Did you happen to see Wade Harman’s recent Color Psychology blog? You can read it here.

Color is powerful: it triggers emotions

Harman discusses why color — or visual stimulation when done correctly — is so important when your objective is engaging an audience.

Color is powerful — because it triggers emotions. 

Home builders, for example, want to take home shoppers on an emotional journey when they’re considering a home purchase. Correct color selection, in sales office design and marketing collateral, can do more than create a mood.

Consider developing a color strategy as a result of evaluating the message you want your audience to know. And, color strategy considerations get more involved than knowing there are cool and warm colors!

Go Blue with Boomers! Generate a sense of trust & security

As an example: red is frequently considered a warm color, sometimes triggering feelings of anger and hostility.

Yet, a HubSpot study found that a red Get Started web button outperformed a similar green button by 23%. Red has been found to be very effective when trying to create urgency, in other words! What do you think about adding red to your I’m Included option buttons?

On the other hand, blue is thought to generate a sense of trust and security. Think about developing marketing collateral including a SalesTouch interactive touchscreen presentation; wouldn’t including a blue palette create messaging that will resonate for your Boomer home shoppers?

Ask us to help you create an engaging interactive touchscreen presentation — or a Social Media Wall featuring traditional marketing copy and content along with your #GetSocial input. CPS can help you analyze maximize the power of color as part of your marketing strategy!

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