How To: Add Content Marketing To Your Sales/Leasing Office

How To: Add Content Marketing To Your Sales/Leasing Office

Have you ever considered the difference between content and content marketing?

One way to consider the difference, says Michael Brenner, in an article available at, is the destination.

Adding content and making it a destination!

Brenner suggests we need to focus on developing content for the audience we’re trying to reach, engage and convert.

In other words,Brenner says,  get focused on attracting an audience to an experience (that’s the destination) that you own, build and optimize to achieve your marketing objectives.

Have you had a chance to see CPS’ Social Media Wall? It’s a great destination for content — and the audience helps develop the content!

You’re able to develop traditional marketing copy and images around your product and brand– and add social media content developed by you and your audience.

Now, you’re creating a content brand and sharing the development and viewing with your audience!

Take a look at our web video and consider whether this unique, tradigital experience would help make your sales/leasing office a content destination!

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