How to: Add a Retail Customer Engagement Initiative

How to: Add a Retail Customer Engagement Initiative

It’s true: the old, wooden suggestion box with a slot on top is past its prime.  Also no longer relevant to today’s shopper is the passive,  tired-looking cork board with messages, faded and tattered flyers and weary, crumpled suggestion forms.

While those passive signage items are no longer relevant, retailers are definitely interested in getting in touch with their shoppers, soliciting opinions and pushing information.

Today, many of those objectives are being met with digital solutions — and they’ve moved beyond passive to become customer experience zones displaying store specials, video and, even, social media content.

CPS’ Interactive Customer Comment Board

Are you spending time to listen to your customers?

CPS’ touchscreen-based Customer Comment Board acts as a proactive customer service process.  Customers are asked to submit comments, suggestions, ideas.  They’re empowered, given a platform and might even provide ideas for new products, initiatives and improvements.

Take a closer look at the Board on the left — there’s all sorts of customer engagement initiatives combined into a single board designed to enhance the shopping experience:

   (1) The actual Leave a Comment section
   (2) A store events calendar with pop-up details available at a touch
   (3) Streaming video content
   (4) Weekly Specials display
   (5) Connections with social media

If you entered this store, wouldn’t you want to walk up and see what’s happening? Digital signage has moved from a simple, one-way dialogue with either the shopper filling out a form or the retailer broadcasting via video to a two-way conversation. It’s engaging, more personal and offers an interactive experience with the brand.

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