House of Cards Offers Construction Strategy, too!

House of Cards Offers Construction Strategy, too!

Recently, Koka Sexton wrote that the much-anticipated second season of Netflix’ House of Cards offered some interesting lessons as well as sales strategies;  you can read his article here.

We’re going one step further to suggest some of those same House of Cards strategies might apply to your construction team, as well!

Vendor Portal: Information as Networking!

Which ones?  How about #1:  Know (and grow) Your Network? Sexton suggests selling is a team effort — and new home construction is certainly a team effort with architecture, estimating, field management, subcontractors and accounting (amongst others!) actively involved.

How does this concept of construction networking play out?  We’re suggesting collaboration is key; keeping subcontractors in the loop, providing up-to-date schedule information, offering real-time access to drawings and other construction related paperwork. It’s the classic win/win approach as both builder and vendor become more efficient with all the related benefits accruing to both!

Take a look at Trendmaker Homes’ Vendor Portal (image).  They’ve moved forward with CPS’ FieldCollaborate application to share not only construction schedules but drawings, specifications, safety assessments and job scoring.  Wouldn’t this collaboration enhance your construction network, offering benefits to both your company and your vendors?

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