Homeshoppers Are Leaning Green — How Are You Leaning?

Homeshoppers Are Leaning Green — How Are You Leaning?

Think back over recent new home sales….do you recall buyers where price wasn’t the key motivator in the purchase decision?  We’re all  familiar with the Big 3:  Location, location, location and you probably had buyers focused on other factors: schools, a specific floor plan, job relocation.

Let Buyers Know You Lean Green!

It might be time to add “green” to that list of key motivators — particularly for certain buyer profiles.

There’s an interesting Home Innovation Research Labs article in Builder suggesting there are  4 Types of Buyers Motivated by More than Just Price.  You can read the article here.

Only a small percentage of consumers, the article suggests, can be considered “super greens.” However, there’s a significant segment considered the “persuadable middle” that are interested in living a greener lifestyle but either don’t know how or think it will be too expensive.

Who makes up this “persuadable middle” and how are you able to lean green to help persuade them? Let’s focus on two buyer profiles making-up the persuadable middle:

Women: That’s a fairly significant buyer profile! Key is that women tend to lean green as they are interested in health living options and the well-being of their family.  And, we’ve talked about the influence of women in home-buying decisions, previously! Key persuaders: imagery, relatable stories and information.

Millennials: Here’s the oft-promised, up and coming buying segment! The authors suggest: These buyers aren’t motivated to buy a high-performance, energy efficient home because they will have lower utility bills.  Rather, they want to buy a high-performance, green home because it is the right thing to do. Key persuaders: easily accessible and relevant information.

How can your marketing programs and agents respond to the persuadables? We’ll suggest two strategies: adding an interactive system illustrating how and where green is found in your homes (you’re making green easily accessible and visual) and using CRM to highlight prospects indicating green interests for targeted followup (more easily accessible and relevant information).

CPS can help you create and use specially designed marketing  programs that lean green!

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