Homebuilders: Your Interactive Touchscreen and Women-Centric Design

Homebuilders: Your Interactive Touchscreen and Women-Centric Design

We suggested in an earlier blog that a successful interactive touchscreen helps get your home shoppers more engaged in finding out about your product and they’re more informed as they begin a model tour.

How can you design an effective system? No doubt you’ve heard us say SalesTouch is more than “just a pretty face.”  Effective design is oriented towards your buyer demographic

SalesTouch Engages and Informs Home Shoppers!

We like to suggest a touchscreen system engages the home shopper from the minute they walk in your door — providing information about your product and helping them understand how living in your community meets one or more of their needs.

Have you investigated some of the latest thinking re: woman-centric homebuilding?  A recent BuilderOnline article (available here) suggests it’s not just a matter of making your website “pink” or building better laundry rooms — it’s a complete rethinking of marketing, sales and design.

A well-designed interactive touchscreen can help with this: highlighting items that fit into the “10 Commandments of Women-Centric Design” (available here on a successful Maine-based builder’s website).  Focus on lifestyle (how close schools and shopping are to your community), highlight specialty items (lazy Susans and open-wire shelving in your kitchens) — in other words, use the touchscreen to describe how your product is more livable in their terms.

It’s all about engaging your home shopper and informing them how your product can help meet their needs!

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