Homebuilders: What’s Different About 2017?

Homebuilders: What’s Different About 2017?

Interesting John McManus article in a recent Builderonline titled: Spring 2017: A Different Market. Take a look here.

FieldCollaborate: Tools for Today

McManus suggests that the just out of recovery market of 2 years ago is no longer.  Previously, demand for new homes was from the higher-end buyer.  Buyers weren’t too concerned about qualifying and had definite ideas about what they wanted in their new home. To some extent, pricing was elastic.

Today, McManus says, it’s a different market.  Now, the growth spot is lower-end, further out geographically with lots of communities open and selling homes. More competition, in other words, with a clear focus on price.

The change has put lots of stress on builders.  Lower sale price homes dictate a focus on margins. Costs are going up. It all translates into more of a push for volume.

McManus quotes a builder: We haven’t spent so much time and focus on start-to-completion cycle times in six or seven years as we are right now.  It’s really basic stuff of doing what we do, only doing it better and faster. Otherwise, we can’t get the margins we need.

This type of market needs tools to help manage, measure and report.  Take a look at CPS’ FieldCollaborate — construction software designed to help you define, track and analyze your cycle time and highlight problems meeting your goals.  Improve communications — both internally and with vendors. Reduce callbacks with task-specific quality checklists. Keep your field managers off their phones with automated followup and reminders.  We can help you meet the challenges presented in today’s market.

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