Homebuilders: Use CRM Effectively to Maximize Co-op Sales

Homebuilders: Use CRM Effectively to Maximize Co-op Sales

Are you in a market that offers closing compensation to outside buyer agents (often referred to as co-op agents)?  Statistically speaking, a vast majority of new home communities utilize co-op agents although the practice tends to wax and wane depending on the state of the real estate market.

Homebuilder CRM: Co-op Agents are Critical in this Process

If you are part of the majority, no doubt you recognize both of you have the same objective: closing sales.  And, in some parts of the country, co-op agents represent somewhere between 70-90% of closed sales.  That’s a fairly significant percentage!

What are you doing to maximize your co-op agent traffic and sales?  If you know co-op agents represent such a hefty percentage, doesn’t it make sense to direct a significant effort to introducing them to your product, inviting them to new community openings and generally, keeping in close contact with this significant part of your business?

Many new homebuilders utilize CRM systems; not too many take full notice of the role co-op agents play in generating traffic and sales — or manage co-op agents any differently than prospective homebuyers.  You may send emails and be reminded to make follow-up calls; do you have an effective way to specifically market to your co-op agents — and keep track of the results of such marketing efforts? 

Do know know who your “top producer” co-op agent is?  Which office; which individual?  How many agents are invited to “Realtor Open Houses?” How many attend?  How many attending your events sell your homes?

We’d like to introduce you to CRM 2.0 — CRM designed for homebuilders and focused on helping you maximize your co-op agent pool.  Take a look here — and contact CPS for a full-featured demonstration of CRM software designed for you!

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