Homebuilders: Technology Can Help Address Labor Shortage Issues

Homebuilders: Technology Can Help Address Labor Shortage Issues

We’ve suggested over the years that automated construction technology not only helps home builders build homes more efficiently, but gives them tools to build with more quality awareness, assess vendor performance and determine trends as they’re happening instead of in the rear view mirror. Everyone is having to perform at a higher standard; technology can help you manage the increased workload when one of your inputs is under stress.

Put Technology to Work!

A recent Big Builder article by Don Neff titled Labor and Risk notes the last time labor shortages were as widespread as now was before 2001, and that ongoing shortages are especially challenging in some geographical areas such as Southern California.  Field Managers have had to take on additional tasks  particularly in the area of quality assurance  to get their homes built on time.

How can technology help you address this?  We suggest 3 significant ways:

  1. Add Quality Inspection Checklists: Select key, critical tasks (for example slab pour, frame complete, etc.) and associate a checklist to ensure quality meets your objectives.  You now have a consistent, measurable quality standard that keeps the schedule open until it is completed — including vendor payment. You catch issues early and can even add photos or drawings to the record.
  2. Utilize Automated Punch Tools: When rework is needed, either as a result of the Checklists or walk-thru, use your scheduling software to associate the punch item with a task and auto-email the vendor.  Take advantage of auto-reminders until the process is complete.  No more phone calls, unanswered emails or slipping through the cracks! Your vendors will appreciate this, as well. 
  3. Leverage Available Reporting: Automated scheduling reports provide you with not only the details of what happened but reasons for delays, vendor performance analysis tools and consistent problem identification. You’ll know where to focus the most energy.
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