HomeBuilders: A Marketing Tool for New vs. Used Home Discussion

HomeBuilders: A Marketing Tool for New vs. Used Home Discussion

A recent Los Angeles Times article by Kenneth R. Harney (you can read it here) suggests home builders have modified their marketing process to confront the potential appeal of foreclosures to homebuyers. 

Harney mentions the expenses home shoppers are likely to encounter if they purchase a foreclosed home — ranging from appliances to flooring to cabinets to plumbing and, of course, we’ve heard the horror stories about the “behind the walls” costs, as well.

Selling New Homes vs. Used: There’s more to this story!

He goes on to highlight advantages offered by a new home: energy efficiency, ability to select options/upgrades and ease of financing with new home construction.

Harney suggests that home buyers seriously consider the potential risks but…he doesn’t mention all the other marketing opportunities home builders have to present the new home in the most positive manner.

Marketing opportunities such as…schools, neighborhood features including shopping, dining, recreation, builder reputation, floorplan options (wouldn’t you rather than bedroom 5 than a den, for example?).  All of the “feed good” elements that home builders can offer when they determine the home shopper’s needs and objectives.

That’s where an interactive touchscreen presentation really shines …and makes the New vs. Used evaluation process even more persuasive.  Home builders can get assertive about the comparison without being negative.

Home builders are able to take advantage of these marketing opportunities because they control the sales environment…why not maximize the possibilities offered with an interactive touchscreen highlighting your best features?

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