Homebuilder Construction Scheduling: The Glue to Successful Operations

Homebuilder Construction Scheduling: The Glue to Successful Operations

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Scott Sedam always has interesting thoughts on homebuilding and how to improve operations. 
Back in 2011 he wrote in ProBuilder, “The best builders are the best schedulers.”

A considered schedule helps address labor, costs and homeowner satisfaction

We suggest that thought is as true today as it was thenWhether you’re concerned about cost increases, labor shortages, homeowner satisfaction…a thoughtfully created and consistently used schedule can be the glue that keeps your operation performing successfully.

Where Do I Start?

We’re frequently asked: Where do I start when thinking about putting together the type of schedule that helps me address all of these questions — and maintain my margins?  We’ll start with the basics — and add to them in subsequent blogs:
  1. Keep It Simple: Yes, the KISS theory applies to scheduling, too. Whether you’re building entry level or high-end, focus on determing key steps — eliminating additional steps, paperwork, trips, etc.
  2. Get Buy-in: From your corporate team — and vendors.  There’s no sense in creating either an unrealistic or unacceptable schedule. Everyone wins when the schedule is accurate and reliable.
  3. Remember your buyer: Make sure you include “meet the buyer” activities and develop steps to keep your buyer informed! They’ll be happier — and provide referrals, too.

Your Construction Schedule Helps Create Best Practices

Putting together and utilizing a good schedule is the first step to best practices.  You’ll also want to evaluate results: did Lot 12 deliver on-schedule; which subs performed/which didn’t; how many punch items were generated; how did the homeowner rate satisfaction?
Construction scheduling software will help you put together the schedule — and evaluate results. CPS’ FieldCollaborate is a Constructech 2018 award-winner: we can help you be a better scheduler and, in turn, a better builder!

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