HomeBuilder Construction Scheduling: Smartphones & Tablets Add Features

HomeBuilder Construction Scheduling: Smartphones & Tablets Add Features

Are you an Operations Director or Manager in the home building world?  Field Manager? Superintendent? 

FieldConnect Mobile for your iPhone!

Do you think an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet brings anything “extra” to your construction scheduling universe?  Apart from goodies such as easy-to-scroll lot lists or the ability to pinch/expand screens?  Take a look at FieldConnect Mobile to see how a cross-platform job-site scheduling tool takes advantage of the hardware you are carrying around in your pocket!

We’d like to suggest thinking about your phone or tablet in a slightly different (perhaps, more casual) fashion for a minute.  Does it have a camera?  See a problem with the header on Lot 26? Take a photo and include it in a task note, punch list or email directly to your sub!

Using an Android device? Now, you can walk your jobsite and “talk” your task notes using the phone.  “What?” you might ask.  You’ve seen the ability to switch keyboards — one choice is a microphone.  It turns speech into text!  No more typing, using a stylus or trying to keep up.  Speech-to-text makes input straightforward.

FieldConnect Mobile..selected as a 2012 Top Product by Constructech…we’d love to show you more of the reasons why!

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