Homebuilder Collaboration Software: Enhances Office-to-Field-to-Vendor Interaction

Homebuilder Collaboration Software: Enhances Office-to-Field-to-Vendor Interaction

Traditionally, there were separate sets of knowledge, requests and data.  Homebuilders developed schedules and assigned tasks to their vendors.  There were faxes and telephone calls to communicate what needed to be done — with more calls and invoices indicating what had been done.

Shared Schedules, Punch Items, Safety – Anywhere, Anytime

Today, homebuilders are focused on replacing localized data with a central repository of information accessible by authorized team members via the lowest common technology denominator — software utilizing an internet browser.  This process means that office desktops, mobile phones and tablets are able to share information — and design drawings have been added to this shared set of information.

CPS’ Vendor Portal meets the core objectives needed for effective collaboration: organizational features such as security settings, user authorization and the like; communication features including publishing items such as FieldCollaborate construction schedules, management features including work standards and sharing/viewing/working with design drawings through 3rd party add-ons such as Autodesk’s Buzzsaw application.

What does this mean on a day-to-day practical basis? Let’s say you are Builder ABC and construction is underway at your Meadows project.  Corporate created lot-by-lot schedules and already automatically notified XYZ Electrical through FieldCollaborate’s Scheduling Report email that Power to Appliances is needed on Lot 17, Underground Utilities are scheduled for Lot 21 and Rough-in Electrical is required on Lot 28.  Your Field Manager is able to note, via FieldCollaborate Mobile on the iPad, that work has started on Lot 17, completed on Lot 28 but needs to reschedule Utilities work on Lot 21 due to permit issues.  The Field Manager also sees that hard hats aren’t being worn,  notes the Safety Assessment and fines XYZ $25/worker. Lot 28’s satisfactory completion sends an OK to Pay message to Accounting.

XYZ Electrical’s crew can, at any time, log-in on their phone, via Vendor Portal, to review the schedule and check appropriate drawings. XYZ also sees the Safety Assessment and notes that there are Punch Items outstanding on Lot 6.

No faxes, no phone calls. Using corporate’s desktop computer as well as smart phones and tablets. Everyone is looking at the same information — anywhere/any time/any place.  Isn’t everyone more productive via Collaboration?

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