Home Builders and Social Media: It’s All About Visual

Home Builders and Social Media: It’s All About Visual

A recent BuilderOnLine article by Jennifer Goodman interviewed Woody Stoudemire, president of X-Factor Web Marketing, to discuss the value of social media for home builders.

One of the more interesting comments Stoudemire made was, “Home building is a visual business, so social media platforms are all good forums for showcasing homes inside and out.”

CPS’ Social Media Wall: Finalist, 2016 Best of IBS

Social media isn’t only about communicating the visual elements provided by a new home, however. Stoudemire suggests using social media gives home builders a platform to suggest they’re more than bricks and mortar — they’re what he calls “progressive thinkers.”

And, social media provides a unique method for communicating a company’s culture and personality, as well.  Most homebuying, after all, is local — and that makes Facebook an important marketing tool, too.

Many builders have long focused on providing gorgeous visual marketing tools — terrific exterior and interior product photography is a hallmark of many.  The same photos are perfect for Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz.

Why not incorporate social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram with traditional marketing copy and creative by using CPS’ Social Media Wall?

You’re no longer broadcasting marketing messages — you’re using the visual to encourage conversation! Millennials are just beginning to enter the new home market and one shopper notes,

         “The most convincing advertising of all is seeing your own friends buying
      wearing and using the product.  We engage with our peers through social media, 
           I’ve bought countless items because of what I’ve seen on Instagram alone.”

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