Grab Some Construction Scheduling Benefits…here!

Grab Some Construction Scheduling Benefits…here!

Did you have a chance to attend the IBS Education Forum in Las Vegas called The Best Builders are The Best Schedulers?  CPS’ Troy Warr partnered with Builder Consulting Group’s Noelle Tarabulski to provide an overview of benefits offered using a comprehensive construction scheduling process — and a roadmap to successful implementation.

Good scheduling improves day-to-day-operations and your bottom line!

What benefits, you might ask.  Many builders report limited success with new automated construction scheduling software, for example. Others mention getting conflicting answers to a single question due to a variety of reports and methods.

Troy and Noelle highlighted several key improvements available as a a result of good construction scheduling practices including:

  • Fewer delays — enhancing your relationship with both vendors and home buyers
  • Fewer Cost Variances — no question, fewer variances results in more consistent forecasting and better profitability
  • Improved Quality — using scheduling milestone checklists as well as inspection templates means spotting problems sooner and minimizing the long-term impact
  • Reduced Cycle Times — improved cycle times not only improve profitability per home but mean you’re able to build more homes in the same amount of time
  • Accountability, Accuracy and Consistency — good scheduling practices enable the builder to have a single source of information providing consistent results across the enterprise (builder, vendor and home buyer).
Would improving any of these key indicators be useful to you?  Tara provides consulting services to help analyze, measure and prioritize an organization’s construction process while CPS offers FieldCollaborate – a cloud-based, automated scheduling software application available on the job-site with mobile tablet/smart phone access and using desktop/laptop access at the corporate office.

We can talk with you to determine how an improved scheduling process will grow your bottom line as well as enhance day-to-day operations and increase home buyer satisfaction.

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