Giving Your Customers a “Wow!” Experience

Giving Your Customers a “Wow!” Experience

Much of today’s marketing focus is all about the customer experience.  Great experiences will engage and capture customers.

SalesTouch: Adding Wow! to surprise and delight consumers

It’s said: give your customers a “wow” experience and they will tell friends, family, work colleagues and share on social media.

So…how to create that “wow”? Recent ICX (Interactive Customer Experience) Summit participants offered some thoughts:

  • Ben Putland at Grand Visual: Consider how the technology is being used to enhance a story (vs. being the story itself) 
  • Eric Vazquez at Encore Event Technologies: Consumers with a natural sense of curiosity want to engage with technology
  • Paula Suarez at Dickey’s Barbeque: Consumers want to interact with technology, but that technology has to make sense.
Take a look at the SalesTouch interactive touchscreen system installed at The John Marshall multifamily property in Richmond, VA.  Curious as to where you might eat if you lived at the property?  Can’t you almost taste that pizza?
We like to think this presentation offers a Wow! experience for the home shopper.  Technology enhances the list of restaurants by providing a visually engaging experience.  Consumers want to find out what’s close by — and technology encourages their curiosity.  Using touchscreen technology makes sense because it takes a straightforward process such as the restaurant story in Richmond, enhances it with interesting copy and visuals and encourages exploration.   
We think John Marshall home shoppers find a unique, engaging experience that surprises and delights them — and we can help you deliver Wow! moments, as well! 

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