Get Your Audience Engaged; Do Something That Really Stands Out

Get Your Audience Engaged; Do Something That Really Stands Out

We’re readers: books, magazines, blogs, you name it!  What’s new in technology, marketing, the user experience, computer and mobile hardware … all the areas we touch on with CPS’ software products and our interactive touchscreen product, SalesTouch. 

And, we like to highlight articles we think others would enjoy, as well.

Power of Touch: Engage Your Prospects; Stand Out!

A recent Multifamily Insiders blog by Brittany McBride titled Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Getting Your Audience to Engage with Your Brand is worth checking out; you can read it here.  Tongue-in-cheek she asks if anyone would every say, “Nope, I don’t want anyone talking about me or engaging with my brand, said no one ever!”  She talks about the value of “word of mouse” as an influential tool.

We’ll suggest the “power of touch” is equally persuasive.  Studies go so far to say as people touch, they make decisions.

And, if you’re utilizing an interactive touchscreen system as a marketing tool in your sales or leasing office, consumers are touching your product!  And making decisions: I like Plan 2 better than Plan 1, for example.  Interactive touchscreens get consumers engaged and making decisions..who wouldn’t want that?

Jeff Shore, the sales training guru, suggests (in his May 15 blog entitled Why You?)  that every sales person needs to ask, “What will make my product stand out?” to a home shopper as they go from community to community, looking at seemingly endless possibilities.

Shore suggests your sales presentation is key. What is different? What will really stand out in your buyer’s mind?  What can you do to make your buyer feel differently about your community than all the others they have visited?

Again, we’ll suggest the power of touch!  Let them browse through floorplans that meet their criteria, check out what’s going on in the neighborhood that meets their needs (walking trails for one; nearby medical facilities for another), move some furniture around to see how things will look ( we’ve illustrated the Move it/Move it feature offered by SalesTouch above).

Engage your consumer; stand out in the marketplace; it’s all possible with touch!

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