Gen Y and Housing..beyond Tech to Location!

Gen Y and Housing..beyond Tech to Location!

Gen Y, Echo Boomer, Millennial…regardless of label, we’re looking at z population demographic whose members were born between the late 70’s and early 2000’s.

Much has been written regarding their approach to just about everything: technology, shopping, relationships, family.

Of course, they’re more tech-savvy (although many “connected consumers” aren’t part of this demographic). A current term is “digital native” (as compared to digital immigrant, for example).

As a result, according to a J Turner Research Study, What Do Residents Want? Trends in Resident Technology and Communication Preferences (read it here), Gen Y members shop using smart phones, laptops and tablets.  And, they use these devices when searching for a home, as well.  In fact, it might be noted that the younger the prospect, the more likely they will use social media and the internet to search

What’s nearby? Try highlighting the neighborhood!

We’d suggest “test driving” your marketing processes on some of these devices; how do you measure up?

What has also been found when analyzing housing “hot buttons” for this group is: Gen Y housing wants/needs aren’t that different from previous generationsBuilder, in a 9/25/12 article, suggests “satisfying the needs of those prospects still seems to be an exercise driven by community location and service reputation.”

Location trumps design and amenities and McDonald states “location, efficiency and adaptability” as critical decision points.

Why not put an interactive touchscreen (responding to Gen Y’s technology interest) to work for you illustrating not only your floor plans, amenities and features but location?  And, we’re suggesting go beyond a map!

Provide your home shoppers with actionable location information: not just nearby restaurant names but their most well known dish, for example. 

And, try going outside the box: add specific, “in the neighborhood” recreational sites (e.g., par courses, bike paths, dog parks), sporting goods stores (everyone wants to get involved in an activity..make it easy!), crafts stores (who doesn’t like seeing cozy yarns?) and civic institutions such as museums (highlight their classes, movie nights and social gatherings). Not quite as unique but life essential locations such as dry cleaners, banks, dog groomers and the like need attention, too!

Anything and everything to let your prospect know that your location is in the middle of everything they’d like and need!  Make a few suggestions, too! You’ll meet their location, efficiency and adaptability needs like no other property!

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