Fostering Brand Loyalty During Peak Season

Fostering Brand Loyalty During Peak Season

Every industry, every business has a peak season: we’re just about to enter retail’s peak shopping time.  And, most of us can probably offer a few events from prior years that didn’t exactly foster brand loyalty: long lines, no product, not enough assistance, grumpy employees … the list might go on.

A recent Global Technology Systems article offers an interesting “twist” on how you might think about your upcoming peak season.  And, it doesn’t need to be holiday shopping, either. Home builders see a spike in sales office visits and purchases in the Spring.  Home improvement stores see their peak after the beginning of the year as we all make resolutions! Everyone has a busy season, in other words.

Checkout needs to be efficient and perceived as fair

Back to opportunity: peak season brings in many people who are new to your brand.  What a perfect time to create a positive customer experience that can help foster brand loyalty and convert today’s shopper into tomorrow’s repeat customer.

How?  Take a look at several opportunities to enhance your customer’s experience: 

  • Create the optimum atmosphere — Shoppers have more options than ever before — set your brand apart by providing a positive on-location experience.  Make sure your consumer-facing employees have a consistent and upbeat greeting message, equip your locations with technology to enhance operations, make sure your employees know how to maximize technology use. 
  • Don’t make your customers wait — Previous blogs noted that a sale is made up of a series of events — the initial messaging, the store experience and the checkout.  It isn’t complete until payment, in other words.  You can have a great shopping experience; if checkout is poor, your customer perceives the entire transaction as poor.  And, they’re not shy about posting that sort of perception online.  Put technology, such as CPS’ automated line management system, QuikLine, to work to not only expedite the process but to create an atmosphere of fairness, efficiency and customer-focused service.

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