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FieldCollaborate – Web-based Construction Scheduling and Management Software Tools

FieldCollaborate provides complete Construction Scheduling including Schedule Templates, production of individual lot schedules, tracking and recording progress, rescheduling/recalculation tools, home buyer option/upgrade selections and job-site use via FieldCollaborate Mobile.


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FieldCollaborate's Web Portal Provides Vendor/Buyer Access

Share it! The Portal provides username/password controlled access to builder-defined construction schedule information. Offers vendors access to schedules, drawings and notes, and keeps homebuyers up-to-date with schedule summaries and stage-of-construction progress photos. You decide what information is available, real-time, 24/7.


  • Custom URL to include within builder website or as a standalone location
  • Anywhere/anytime access for vendors and buyers that is username/password controlled
  • Defined access for vendors – some may view only schedules, others can see punch, quality inspections, safety assessments
  • Vendors have real-time, 24/7 access to drawings, notes and other documents
  • Builders can disseminate vendor-wide notifications, safety announcements, maps, staff contact information
  • Keep homebuyers "in the loop" during the construction process - now they're able to access photos and schedules 24/7 without calls or emails


Builder Case Study

Improved builder/vendor efficiency and profitability!

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