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FieldCollaborate – Web-based Construction Scheduling and Management Software Tools

FieldCollaborate provides complete Construction Scheduling including Schedule Templates, production of individual lot schedules, tracking and recording progress, rescheduling/recalculation tools, home buyer option/upgrade selections and job-site use via FieldCollaborate Mobile.


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Builders: Record, Track, and Manage Punch Items

Punch item identification is a fact of life for homebuilders, in the effort to improve quality. Whether you generate punch items at each milestone, prior to drywall or at the end of construction, there will be items that need additional work. FieldCollaborate provides an easy-to-use and consistent method for recording, tracking and closing punch items – and notifying your vendors of required work (as well as sending incomplete work reminders).

  • Records Punch items at any scheduled task
  • Supports recording Punch during quality inspections or as a manually generated item
  • Provides ability to generate email notifications to vendor on demand or in a batch – by lot, vendor, or any user-defined basis
  • Records all sent items and offers historical reporting
  • Provides ability to “tickle” vendors with open item reminders
  • Offers a variety of reports to assist in vendor analysis/review
  • Go Mobile! on the job site with smartphones and tablets facilitates recording items as they are identified.


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