Exploring Lifestyle When Marketing Homes to 55+ Shoppers

Exploring Lifestyle When Marketing Homes to 55+ Shoppers

There’s an eye-catching article in the recent Builderonline.com: Remember Wine is Divine When Selling to 55-Plus.

Marketing to 55+: Let’s Talk Celebration!

Who could resist a deep dive to read the article after seeing that headline?

Author Deryl Patterson talks about incorporating wine into home design, the sales center and community club house and suggests boomers look at wine differently than other generations. Wine, Patterson says, is more than a beverage — it’s a universal symbol for celebration.

He takes that point further in his marketing to 55+ buyers: make it fun! These buyers are looking for something more than square footage, number of bedrooms and whether or not there’s a basement lot available.  This home purchase is about their next life step and realized lifestyle.

It makes sense to help home shoppers visualize the lifestyle available within your community: let them virtually explore community amenities and the surrounding neighborhood.  Focus on the lifestyle options: recreation, shopping, dining, community involvement opportunities.

CPS’ SalesTouch provides an engaging and informative exploration with a touchscreen-based presentation.  Community amenities and neighborhood points of interest can be explored at a touch — with visually engaging photos, video and copy. Engage your buyers with the vision!  It might be sailing at one community — and the rodeo at another!

While not everyone is a wine drinker, in other words: everyone loves a celebration!

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