Does Your Marketing Program Include Clienteling?

Does Your Marketing Program Include Clienteling?

Clienteling is the blending of digital and physical worlds in order to maximize the customer experience.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have had a fair amount of experience putting together physical point of sale contacts along with ecommerce and back-end CRM touch points. Homebuilders are just starting to put together end-to-end sales channels.

Think about your CRM system: does it include information derived from a prospect’s web visit (registration, for example, including which floor plan is of interest or what makes up their purchase motivators)?

Utilizing that “back-end” information is part of what is called a prospect’s omnichannel experience — no one, in other words, wants to have to verbally repeat what has already been input in a digital encounter.

iPads and Kiosks: alternative tools for “self-starter” prospects

When you have a be-back prospect, can you retrieve previous discussions?

Do you offer different types of on-site shopping experiences?

Some home buyers like talking with sales agents, walking through models, taking a site tour, reading a brochure.

Others, suggests Matt Rhodus in a recent Innovative Retail Technologies article are “self-starters” who may not want or need a salesperson’s assistance initially but do want an enriched shopping experience.  Having an interactive kiosk or iPad presentation provides that alternative information-gathering experience — which is much more rewarding for them than passive signage or static information.

Some buyers want immediate feedback from their on-site visit.  That’s where the text follow-up with a video really pays off. Others want to take home your brochure to browse later.

Rhodus suggests understanding your individual customer and responding to their unique needs is key to creating a best in-class buying experience.  Having multiple tools, digital and physical, in place and available to your sales force is what facilitates your clienteling!  CPS has been providing sales and marketing solutions for 30 years; let us help you enhance your clienteling experience!

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