Does Your Digital Media Look Like a Brochure? Time to Move On…

Does Your Digital Media Look Like a Brochure? Time to Move On…

Gumas, a Bay Area full-service marketing firm, sent out a great email, “6 Tips to Transform your Website from Good to Great.”

Key thought: if your website still looks and acts like an online brochure, you’re not maximizing one of the greatest marketing opportunities available.  Things have changed over the last 1-2 years as far as website strategies; Gumas suggests 6 ways to improve your website:

(1) Tell your web visitors what you can do for them.  Gumas suggests you have only 5 seconds to let visitors know.

(2) Answer their questions…immediately.

(3) Don’t make your visitors work.  The more clicks to find information, the greater the chance a visitor will leave your site…prematurely.

(4) Induce a connection.  There should be some sort of “call to action” somewhere…anywhere.

(5) Make keywords/phrases prominent.  They are key for SEO as well as navigation.

(6) It’s all about traffic.  Great-looking site or not, it’s about numbers.

Stonebriar Mall Frisco, TX

Many — if not all — of these points apply to interactive touchscreen design, as well. 

Key is knowing your visitor and what they want to know…also known as narrowcasting.  Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for…and, we’re firm believers in keeping the number of “drill downs” to a minimum. It’s much better to have a presentation that is broad and let’s your visitors see what’s available than making them guess where information is located.

And, with interactive touchscreens, it’s all about the final result: usually, that’s sales but it can also include customer satisfaction and communication. 

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