Does the Term “Digital Transformation” Make You Anxious?

Does the Term “Digital Transformation” Make You Anxious?

There’s a recent McKinsey & Company article by Karel Dorner and Jurgen Meffert highlighting the key questions surrounding the concept of digital transformation. You can take a look at Nine questions to help you get your digitial transformation right on the McKinsey Insights & Publications page.

The article suggests there are few organizational stressers greater than digital transformation. Why? There are so many possibilities — on so many levels.  Digital is ubiquitous.  Digital impacts core businesses (think about connected cars), opens new frontiers (e-health, anyone?) and suggests the need for fundamental change (do you have the type of staff needed?).

Comment Board — proactively reaching out to the consumer

The authors suggest, when putting together a digitial transformation plan, it is helpful to consider  the customer journey as a way to initiate your planning. The Blog has reviewed this concept (take a look here) which can be summarized as the sum of an individual’s interactions with a company’s brand at all levels previously

Unpacking your customer’s experience not only will help you map the journey —  it highlights how digital can make each customer/brand touch point more effective.

Take another look at the Whole Foods Customer Comment Board image to the right. We can all agree it is a transformation of the old style comment board with bits of pieces of paper stuck to it.

 In addition, doesn’t it positively change the business touch point with the consumer interested in making a comment?

With its dynamic and visual design, the Board proactively solicits feedback — and, at the same time, transforms the notion of a comment board providing valuable information with calendars, video and weekly specials.  Wouldn’t you leave the Board with an enhanced experience?  That’s the journey behind digital transformation!

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